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 Saturday 19 January 2019

Our Service - The Request Show

Although Radio Warneford broadcasts more than thirty hours of programmes every week, the Request Show remains the most important. Our Request Show has been broadcast daily since the late 1970s and was one of the main reasons that the station was formed in the first place.

The Request Show provides Radio Warneford with a unique contact between the station and its listeners. It allows us to keep in touch with what our listeners want to hear and to promote our service to those who may not yet have discovered us. The feedback that we receive from our daily ward visits is vital to the successful development of our radio service.

Taking requests on the wards

Each evening, our members visit the wards at Warwick Hospital on a rota basis, although we try and visit the children on MacGregor Ward every day. We not only collect requests but chat to patients too. After all, some patients don't receive many visitors and our members provide a friendly face and a sympathetic ear.

Once all of the requests have been collected, our members return to the studios, sort out all the records and prepare the show. Unlike some hospital radio stations, Radio Warneford believes the the personal link forged between a member and the patient they have just visited is vital and so a member who actually collected a request will introduce it on the programme.

Patients don't have to wait for us to visit them. We have two phone lines available to take requests 24 hours a day. Patients and staff have access to the Patient Line free of charge from any internal telephone in the hospital. Relatives and friends at home can call the Request Line with details of their request. Calls are charged at normal rates. An answering service operates on both lines outside studio hours.

On average, Radio Warneford broadcasts 18 requests every evening, that's 126 requests a week, 558 a month or 6570 a year. We estimate that since Radio Warneford went on air in December 1973, we have broadcast well over 130,000 requests for patients and staff!

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