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 Saturday 19 January 2019

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Keith Blackwell

Keith Blackwell

Our Keith by the Monday Team
A tribute to Keith Blackwell

Keith was a volunteer at Radio Warneford for almost 34 years. He joined the station after his mother had been in hospital and he wanted to give something back. At that time the station was based at Warneford Hospital in Leamington Spa.

The first thing you would see when Keith walked into the studio or onto the wards was his beaming smile. He had a friendly manner and would almost always charm patients into choosing a request. His love of music covered all genres and he was a fountain of knowledge when we struggled to find a piece of music for a patient. He had a particular love for musical theatre and somehow managed to buy the best seats in the house for Broadway shows, sometimes even on the first night. He interviewed John Glare... in the Desert Island Disc format which proved to be a great success and a joy to all who listened.

Keith was the Duty Producer on Monday evenings for over ten years and loved introducing new members to all they needed to know. He also served at Chairman for five years.

Keith was well travelled and if we told him where we had been the previous week or where we were going on holiday he would have been already and would give us plenty of useful facts – he may even have had photos on his phone from his visit. He was always ready to listen and add in a witty comment or sound advice.

Radio Warneford has lost a talented broadcaster, a dear friend and great team member.

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